Friday Fix: Killer Kara Ross Gems


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Feast your eyes on these:

Kara Ross Sterling Silver Chrysophase and Sapphire Earrings


The Star of the Rachel Zoe Project: Her Black Kelly Bag


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Last night’s return of The Rachel Zoe Project was a wonderful start to a bananas month for fashion (Zara e-commerce, Fashion’s Night Out, Missoni for Target, weather than warrants outerwear…among other things).

The premiere episode brought a lot of things to light:

1. I’m really distraught that Rachel and Brad aren’t best friends anymore.

2. Mandana, her new employee, has spectacular clothes.

3. Rachel’s Hermes Kelly bag is the real star of the show.

I finally know the answer to the question “What’s better than a Birkin?” This!

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Opening Day Slice: ZARA


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I can hardly contain myself.  Today marks the beginning of an incredible shopping month.  There are roughly 168 hours (a.k.a 7 days) until Zara’s online shopping site is up.  There are also 13 days til Missoni for Target hits stores.  It’s almost overwhelming. The good news is that for those of us that haven’t been saving money as well as I we should have…all these debuts are easy on the wallet.  Good luck getting the good stuff before it sells out!